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At Get Covered Today in Association along with our financial services partners at Zoe Capital Financial and Insurance Services, Inc., co founder and Sr. Broker Sean C. Wheelus has teamed up with over 3500 independent insurance advisors and agencies over the coarse of 21 years to bring clients multiple solutions to the rising costs of health care. And keep those costs down by managing contractual appointments with over 1700 carriers world wide.

Our predictions of the Affordable Care Act in 2012 have now become an unfortunate and unsustainable reality.
Fortunately for our loyal book of business under management, our clients have followed the advise of our knowledgeable advisors and have been able to avoid Obamacare Tax penalties, keep their Dr.s, keep their out of pocket exposure low, all at the same time while KEEPING MONTHLY PREMIUMS LOW!

With 2017 around the corner, health care is scheduled to have an average premium rate increase of more than 35% in California. Not to mention other states with triple digit increases. Doctors and hospitals are opting out of the new PPO or even smaller EPO networks, out of pockets maxes will go up by thousands, and many people who pay for their premiums and Don’t qualify for a subsidy will be simply stuck paying over 135% more than they did before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Or pay a hefty tax penalty. Higher than last year!!

One Toll Free call will give you the answers that your insurance agent nor your insurance company simply don’t have access or knowledge of.
Find out what concierge financial and insurance consulting is all about.
No Broker fees

Free no obligation telephone consultations that will lay out an implementation strategy that will save you or your business 20-75% guaranteed.

You have nothing to lose.


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